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Empowering individuals to achieve financial freedon through expert-led education and accountability masterminds.

Take Control of Your Family's Financial Future.

Multifamily, Short Term Rentals, Oil and Gas and Other Passive Income Strategies Creating a culture of ownership for busy people through education, mentorship and a goal oriented community

Learn about real estate and other passive investments with our comprehensive educational resources.

Schedule of Speakers

We have a great speaker every Friday at Noon Pacific time


  1. Emily Cortright - Cash Flow Machines: Investing in Mortgage Notes

  2. Jens Nielsen - Productivity Mastery by a High Performance Coach

  3. Wes Mabry - Cost Segregaton

  4. Brian Davis - Six Risks to Nix in Passive Real Estate Investments

  5. Jeremy Roll - What Should Passive Investors Look for in the Market Today


This Week

  • JP Albano

    An Amazon best-selling author and the Co-Founder/CEO of Significan Lifestyle Communities, managing over $60MM in assets. With 20 years in IT, including 10 in B2B enterprise sales, he's sold over $220MM and earned top sales awards. In 2017, he ventured into multifamily real estate, co-founding Significan Lifestyle Communities, owning 700 apartment units. He's also launching a book in Q2 2023, focusing on passive investing in real estate, hosts the Significan Lifestyle Communities Real Estate Podcast, and runs the "So Rich You Can Quit Podcast," accompanying his best-selling book, offering insights into tech sales from B2B leaders.

Open a Whole World of Possibilities

Professional working people have a lot on their plate. We work to enable you to build your portfolio through passive investments such as Multifamily, Commercial Real Estate and other investments that are on Main street, not Wall Street.

Financial Education

Stay on top of things with expert speakers and influencers

The Alternative Investing Club Speaker meetings happen every Friday at 12pm Pacific time

Personal Freedom

Join a community of like-minded investors interested in building their wealth, freedom and legacy

Join with like-minded individuals who support and challenge each other to improve their businesses, personal lives, goals, and habits with weekly accountability masterminds and group investments

Portfolio Building

Regular opportunities to invest in Passive Income Investments

Building a life changing portfolio takes more than just education and community, it also takes action. We provide our members regular opportunties to explore passive income opportunities.

Praised by our Members

The Alternative Investing Club, previously the Intel Real Estate Investment Club, has the goal of touching lives and empowering people to invest well to live and to give abundently

    • Thanks for investing your time into building this community. What you have accomplished is truly impressive

      Alexander Shapiro
      Club Member
    • Thank you so much Daniel for running such a succesful initiative helping us all share the knowledge.The speakers you brought in were of high caliber and very knowledgeable.You will be greatly missed.All the best in future endeavors.Hope to stay connected.

      Gloria Velazquez
      Club Member
    • Thank you for being selfless in sharing your passion and knowledge with the rest of us.You opened the aperture for all us looking to establish passive income streams.Personally speaking, REIC meetings played a big role in getting me into the disipline of looking into possibilities every week

      Vasuki Chilukuri
      Club Member
    • Thank you so much for turning me on to the world of passive real estate investing.All of us in the Intel Real Estate Club owe you a debt of gratitude for your tireless efforts to educate and enlighten us on a weekly basis. I ave to say that there are two things I look forward to every Friday: Pat's weekly video and your REIC meeting! Take care and stay in touch! Best regards

      Brad Suessmith
      Club Member
    • Thank you for creating and leading an organization that has an impact of 100s even 1000s when considering the future decision to come. Your efforts have positively impacted the direction of my career and my family. I see why you selected Good Samaritan as a title for your endeavors because you are living what this means, particularly on helping a stranger. I look forward to continued partnership, and growing our relationship.

      Eugenio Walters
      Club Member
    • Thanks so much for creating this club and indoctrinating me into this great new world. I'm ever grateful for your continual ear, advice, instruction, and friendship. I'm glad we've been able to do deals together, and look forward to more in the future. Thank you for bringing in such a diverse set of speakers and topics, and continuing to widen my aperature for investment acumen! Best of luck in the next adventure, and I'm hopeful to be a part of it

      Glenn Cochran
      Club Member
    • Daniel, can't thank you enough for fostering REI quality learning within the company! Many times I find myself quoting what I've learned through the club through you!

      Club Member
    • Thank you for running the club! As a brand new real estate investor, I found the topics helpful in my learning journey.

      Ain Indermitte
      Club Member
    • Thank you so much Daniel for inviting me to the Real Estate meetings.They were informative and fun!

      Mary Kirkpatrick
      Club Member
    • I am so glad to have come across the REIC club, which helped me connect with you.You have a wealth of knowledge personally and unique connections that gave us the bigger picture to take action.Your passion for helping fellow Intel employees individually and through the experts in the field is commendable.You had a tremendous impact on my real estate learning journey.

      Gopal Gandikota
      Club Member
    • Daniel, thank you so much for running and starting this club.I have learned a lot! I even got introduced to our real estate agent through one of the presentations that helped my wife and I find and buy our first home together! You helped create a very valuable and inspirational community.Wish you all the best

      Caleb Fountain
      Club Member
    • Thank You Daniel for freely sharing your real estate expertise with all of us.It was a true blessing

      Mary Kirkpatrick
      Club Member